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Bowed Roll Spec’s

Information required for ordering WEBANCOR BOWED ROLLS should include the following:

1) Fixed or Adjustable bow.

2) Type of covering required. If not known, please advise the type of material running on the roll, and any other type of environmental concern such as oils and solvents that might come into contact with the covering.

3) A drawing of web path and prefered position of placing the Bowed Roll in relation to other rolls in machine. Keeping in mind that the ideal position should have the inlet distance from the previous roll to the Bowed Roll should be long and the distance from the Bowed roll to the next idler roll should be as short as possible.

4) Is this a new application or a replacement for an existing unit. If an existing unit please provide all current dimensions including roll diameter, face length, amount of bow, mount dimensions, including bolt centers and sizes, roll center dimension from frame base to center of roll (if foot mount, not required if flange mount).

5) Sealing if required, against what type of infiltration? dust, liquid etc and what type?

6) Line speed, web speed, and web tension.

7) What are you trying to accomplish with the bowed roll. i.e. getting rid of wrinkles, spreading slits etc.

8) Fax or email all relevent information to the factory for a price quotation or recomendation.
(Toll Free FAX 1-888-414-4428) or CLICK HERE to contact us by email.

9)Please note that the technicians @ webancor cannot design the machine for you, but will help with basic assistance. If you require actual design work, a purchase order for the work must be provided, design work will provided based on an hourly charge.