accessories1WEBANCOR manufactures its own valves (ST-125 and ST-375) and inflators (#1815) in-house on cnc machines. the #1641 valve and #rt-250 inflator are outsourced and made to special specifications, with high pressure stems.

The #1815 inflator is used with the #1641 “schrader type valve.

The RT-250 is used with the ST-125 and ST-375 push button valves.

The ST-125 and ST-375 valves are “safe” valves with vent holes in the button part to release pressure safely if dead ended. they do require a rubber tip inflator such as the RT-250.

WEBANCOR valves can retrofit any machine with standard pipe threads.

The ST-125 valve is a 1/8” npt thread the ST-375 valve is a 3/8” npt thread

The #1641 valve is 1/8” npt thread

All valves must use a pipe compound to seal the threads, teflon tape is not recommended as it will string off and blow back into the seal causing leaks.