About Us


“WEBANCOR®” is a registered trade mark of WEB & CORE TECHNOLOGIES INC.

WEB & CORE TECHNOLOGIES INC. has been manufacturing Expanding Core Shafts and Chucks for almost 20 years, and is the largest manufacturer, by far, of Core Shafts inCanada. During that time we have supplied Core Shafts to numerous OEM machinery builders that have shipped equipment around the world. These companies usually reorder their new shafts from us for other machines as required. We have Core Shafts in almost all countries on this continent, including the USA, South America, Mexico,Caribbean Islands and Trinidad. The bulk of our shafts are of course in Canada, and include one company that now has over 200.

WEBANCOR air shafts, the shortest being 72″ long. Some of the largest international companies in Canada are our customers. Core shafts from 1″ to 12″DIA. and lengths from 3″ to 150″ are standard. Other sizes including metric are available on a special custom basis.

WEBANCOR AIR SHAFTS are on machines such as printing presses, blown film winders, slitters, rewinders, unwinders, laminators, bag machines, paper and plastic converting machines, label presses. If the machine handles web products we probably have made a Core Shaft for it. Industries such as paper manufacturers and converters, plastic film manufacturers and converters, wallpaper, labels, bags, business forms, manufacturers of Holographic images, metallizers, have WEBANCOR CORE SHAFTS.

WEBANCOR manufactures Core Shafts, Chucks and Core holders, activated by air, mechanical, hydraulic, air/mechanical, vacuum, etc. Shafts of leaf, button and lug. Bodies of steel, aluminum, and composite. Grippers of steel, aluminum, and polyurethane. Journals of steel aluminum or composite, with bearings or without, rounds, squares, triangular and combinations for all types of chucks. Shafts are designed using CAD/CAMand stress analysis engineering software for maximum value and safety.

WEBANCOR has introduced the “safest” Core Chuck on the market, being made of “billet” aluminum for lightness and strength. Its most important feature is that is manufactured with an internal bladder, protected by aluminum leaves that control the maximum expansion. This protects against accidental “blow-out” that can injure operators if inflated outside of core. The core is gripped by an outer seamless rubber element that will work equally well with metal and fibre cores. Most of our customers will only allow our LR type on their machines.

WEBANCOR manufactures all parts in house from purchased raw material. We turn our shaft bodies so they run true, unlike some competitors who use drawn to size tubing, and use as is, without machining the outside diameters. We use only high quality, heat treated, high strength journal material, and harden extra if required. We make our own valves and inflators on our CNC machines. We manufacture our own rubber bladder material, from specially compounded raw stock,in our rubber dept. In fact we can supply custom bladders for most other makes of internal bladder shafts, including metric sizes for foreign shafts, made in Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

WEBANCOR ships parts daily, via FedEx, UPS, Purolator, etc. to many parts of North America, for customers who have WEBANCOR shafts, along with other makes. We have a repair facility in our Erin Ontario shop, to repair all makes of air shafts. Repairs from simple valve replacement, to complete new bodies or journals.

AIR SHAFT ACCESSORIES, such as air shaft bladders, Valves that meet OSHA and IAPA requirements for operating with compressed air. Air fillers that make inflating to the correct pressure simple. Core chucks, adapters, and other accessories can be shipped acrossNorth America, quickly, overnight.

WEBANCOR AIR SHAFTS are covered by a limited 12 month warranty. This warranty is not usually available from most manufacturers, but is standard for WEBANCOR. We are so confident in our product, that we can supply this warranty happy in the fact that most customers will never need to make a claim

WEBANCOR BOWED ROLLS, WEB & CORE TECHNOLOGIES INC. manufactures a full range of fixed and fully adjustable bowed rolls, for use on most web type machines including blown film lines and carpet machines.