Bowed Rolls

Bowed RollThe WEBANCOR BOWED ROLL series of web stretchers are simple long lasting units. It is basically an idler type of rotating roll that has a bend or bow instead of being straight and covered with a flexible sleeve. The web passed over the bowed roll in such a way that the middle of the web will have to travel further than the edges, thus stretching the material to remove a wrinkle. Each unit contains a series of sealed precision bearings, lubricated for life. The flexible sleeve is made from long lasting HYPALON. Many other sleeve material types are available, for special applications. The SOLID center axle of the fixed roll provides a rigid base for the unit dampening vibrations that would normally transfer to the web.

The diameter that is recommended will depend on things such as speed and face length.

Light series are available bag machines, and other slow, narrow webs. Diameters start at 2″.

Standard diameters are 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″, 3 1/2″, 4″, 4 1/4″ with custom diameters available at extra cost.

The SL series available to a web length of up to 70″, has a roll diameter of 3 1/2″. It is designed for light tension on longer web lengths, and medium web speeds to 1500’/min. It is primarily for plastic films and light papers.

The SM series is a medium duty in long web widths to heavy duty in narrow webs. It is for higher tension webs. It is primarily for multi-laminates and heavy papers. The roll diameter is 4″ or 4 1/4″ and uses heavier duty bearings and has a thicker sleeve.

The HD series comprised of diameters of over 4 1/4″ and of course longer spans.

Custom diameters and lengths are not a problem with our MODULAR design

Bearing of continuous duty electric motor quality are chosen for low friction use, allowing the rolls to be easily rebuilt when necessary.

Special BOWED ROLLS are made for high speed operation, on slitters and presses, these require special bearings, more precise machining, and balancing.

Numerous mounts are available for different uses. The basic unit has drilled and tapped axle ends to allow mounting by a through bolt, to the side frames of the machine. Pillow block type mounts are available, and should be discussed with a WEBANCOR Sales Representative. Roll position adjusters can be incorporated with most designs.

Call the factory for mount specifications.

The mounting position for a “BOWED ROLL” is very important and should be approached with some understanding of how a “bowed roll” works. Essentially the entry span should be long, and the exit span should be short, and followed as soon as possible by another idler roll.

The spreader roll is very helpful in getting rid of “WRINKLES” and the “BAGGIES” either in the center or at the web ends. Check the WEBANCOR operating manual for assistance in mounting positions for the roll.

Fully adjustable bowed rolls are available for the most precise control, and control of slit webs in simplex slitter rewinders

Information required for quoting and manufacturing BOWED ROLLS will be found at BOW-SPECS.

Please contact WEBANCOR for technical assistance.